Hardscape Services Cape Cod

Hardscapes improve the functionality of areas like the patio of a building or property and the walkway in its landscape. They promote the beauty and appeal of your space also. The beautiful thing about this feature in your area is that it is a shallow maintenance feature of a landscape, and at the same time, it increases the value of your property. With proper planning and execution, any landscape's hardscape can serve its purpose while maintaining the look one has in mind for their landscape. Our Hardscape Services on Cape Cod are second to none.

As stonework changes the aesthetic visuals of a place and its feel, we do not take your need for stonework as just a need for brick and mortar.

This has given us the option of creating custom stonework for unique landscapes. With the work put in by expert stonemasons in our team at Barattani Landscape Services, we carefully pour over every detail in your stonework installation, from the stone thickness to the type of mortar to be used and which masonry type is best fitted for the project.

All this we do to make sure your stonework stays intact, and there is no chance of future loosening, cracking, or even breaking of the stonework. Over the years, this has ensured that our Hardscape Services on Cape Cod is top-notch and makes our work vouched all over Cape Cod.

Walkway Hardscapes

Every space needs a very well-constructed walkway and driveway in them to function correctly. Without these in a landscape, accidents can occur on your property. You could also have important features of your landscape broken or destroyed by these accidents that could happen. With our experts filled stone masonry team here at Barattani Landscape Services, we reduce the risk of this occurring in your landscape by constructing you the best stonework walkways and driveways that your space deserves.

We achieve this by taking into account the amount of space you have, the type of plants on the yard and their structure, the purpose of the building on the property, and most importantly, your idea of how you expect your landscape to look. Just like patios, walkways and driveways are also low maintenance parts of a landscape whose benefits surpass its cost of building it.

Outdoor Patios

The best way to enjoy the scenery of your landscape is to have an outdoor patio. With an outdoor patio installed in your space, you get to have evening hangs in your backyard and take in the beauty of your landscape. Having one of these provides you with the right tool for creating an opportunity to have bonding evening and weekends with family and friends.

On your patio, lots of loving memories could be made, and the beauty of your landscape shared with loved ones. We at Barattani Landscape Services love to see people come together and bond over meals, barbecue, just the right lighting, and to top it off, perfect scenery overlooking the space. All of these, we make possible, right in the comforts of your patio landscape.

We provide hardscape services on Cape Cod that not onto your terrace and help you maximize the space by installing outdoor kitchen enclosures right there on your patio. Then, you can turn those casual evenings you invite your friends to your home for small talk into a weekend of bonding activities where you get to grill as much meat as you want, eat and have a relaxing moment in the company of those you cherish.

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